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It's Your TIME of CHANGE!

This is the time of change.  God is calling forth the remnant church/ ministries. A remnant is a small piece of something left over from the original. It is the same as the original, but in a smaller proportion. When someone is sewing and makes clothes out of a large piece of cloth, the small left over fabric is called the remnant. When the Bible speaks of The Remnant Church, it is referring to a small proportion of God’s people in the end time; who adhere to uncontaminated beliefs, faith and doctrines of the early Church (the Pillar, Ground of Truth * I Timothy 3:15). The remnant's  mandate is to proclaim the uncompromised good news of Jesus Christ. The shifting and sifting will set the remnant church position as passionate worshipers who live as instruments of His righteousness.
It is during this time of shifting that the Body of Christ turn  from traditional methods of religion to become realigned for the forward thrust into apostolic authority.  In this season, God is drawing His House back to the fundamentals of the Kingdom. The Spirit is calling The Church back to the Apostolic Prophetic Order/ restoration of the forsaken covenants.
And He gave..."some apostles, and some prophets; and some evangelists; and some pastors and teachers; for the equipping of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ".
 Ephesians 4:12-13
 This is the Time of Change. We have been mandated to walk in divine order (Apostolic Prophetic ).  The Church, as we know it, is returning to  Houses of Prayer (Prayer Central)  which flow in intense worship. Ichabod  is not only being exposed but he is also being expelled from the house of the living God. Hindrances, which keep The Church from becoming effective for the Kingdom are being dismantle by prophetic prayer and intercession.

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Kim Walker Smith - Show Me Your Glory - Jesus Culture (LYRICS)
Kim Walker Smith. This song is simply amazing! Hope you guys enjoy it.

The Prophetic - Liberates, Ignites and Shifts
 To be prophetic - to speak, sing, write or act under divine inspiration /bubble up;  to bring forth or tell-forth "speak forth" - divinely-empowered preaching or proclaiming of truth
What is spoken forth is God’s heart in a matter / foretelling- for tell the future
 This is a season of change and a time to think afresh about all we do. It carries with it  an opportunity to revisit what has been pushed aside.

 Essential Ministry Council
Watchman – observers, scrutinizes, surveys, takes a comprehensive view
Strategist –forms blueprint, plans out, details methods of accomplishing something
Advisors – someone who gives recommendation & counsel
Coordinators –combines in order, acquires agreement in working together
Instructor – trains and  teaches
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